Nordstrom Public Access Sale Picks: #TryOnConfidential Style

As I’ve previously mentioned, growing up in Buffalo, NY left me without shopping at Nordstrom. It wasn’t until more recently where I discovered the store and began shopping online. With many close friends who have worked for the brand, it’s safe to say I’m a believer of the store, their core mission and their offerings. The Nordstrom sale happens once a year when they put fall items on sale for 3+ weeks and the prices go back up after the sale, many items never get marked back down again. As someone in the influencer/ blogger space, I see a TON of coverage on this sale and often get overwhelmed with what to get. I’ve decided to listen to your feedback and serve up some coverage on the sale, while remaining true to my roots and voice. It felt right that Public Access (when you don’t have to have a credit card to shop the sale) began on a #TryOnConfidential Friday. So here are the top 5 items I think are worth splurging on:

#1: Faux Leather Leggings

In case you missed it, I did a #TryOnConfidential on a four way comparison of some of the top faux leather legging brands, ranking my top favorites and giving you the knowledge to make the decision on what pair would work best for you. If you’re new around here, I’m warning you now- you will see A TON of faux leather legging content in the future. These leggings DO NOT ever go on sale, so if you’re thinking about it- now’s a great time to try. I wear a size large in this brand (according to the size chart I’m an XL but they do stretch out) and an XL in this brand. Click here for the plus size option.

#2: Bras

I’ve talked about bras at Nordstrom more times than I can count so if you live near a Nordstrom, do yourself a favor and GO GET FITTED FOR A BRA! I personally know that fitters at Nordstrom are expertly trained on how to conduct a proper fitting. Curious about the bra fitting experience? Don’t have a Nordstrom near you? You can check out a lot of frequently asked bra questions here. A few of my favorite bras are on sale but PLEASE do not buy them unless you are confident in your size. Here are my favorite bras on sale:

#3: Shapewear // Undergarments

I’ve talked a lot about shapewear on my channels, so much so that I dedicated not one- but two #TryOnConfidentials to it. In case you missed the first one on difficult undergarment situations, you can check it out here and a part two follow up question and answer write up shown here. One of my favorite shapewear brands, Spanx is having some major markdowns on some of my favorite pieces. As a reminder, Spanx rarely/never goes on sale because of this, these items are worth noting. A common misconception about the brand is that all styles are created equally. They are NOT - they come in a wide variety of styles, fabrics and support.

#4: Eliza J Dresses + Jumpsuits

One of my favorite brands for dresses and jumpsuits, almost half of my dresses are from Eliza J. I am constantly impressed with their quality and consistency. I find their sizing to run very true to size, unless it is a sheath style dress with no stretch, then it can run small. Here are my favorite size inclusive picks:

#5: Beauty

There are a lot of great beauty offerings and exclusive offers for this sale, many of my favorite brands + products are doing bundle packaging at a great price. Here are a few of my favorite picks:



Items that are similar to things that I currently have and/or I think they are a good deal.


I hope you enjoyed my first breakdown of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed and assume everything is a good deal, when it might not be. I hope this helped, feel free to leave your thoughts below! xx