Life Lately: Question + Answer Recap

Over on my Instagram Stories I started a question and answer series lovingly called #ThirstyThursday. Each week, I’ll post a questionnaire giving you the opportunity to ask anything and I’ll answer while drinking a beverage of choice! I figured this will vary week to week, depending on where I am but it’s a fun way to connect with you. I’d also like to take the opportunity to share a few of my favorite moments from the week as well. Here are this week’s most asked questions:

Q: Modeling: How does one get started with modeling? Any general tips?

A: I have shared my entire modeling story and how I got discovered, if you would like to check it out here! Otherwise, my best advice is to invest in professional photographs that you can submit to agencies closest to you. Keep in mind the most respectable cities to work in are NY, LA and Miami. There are plenty of other reputable agencies but do your research. With that said, modeling (like any business) requires a good chunk of money to get started. Often times, it takes a lot of investment before you start to see any return.

Q: All about Brian: How did you and your husband meet? How’s married life? Why don’t we ever see Brian?

A: I love that so many of you were curious about Brian this week! I have previously shared our full love story here in case you’re REALLY bored and want to read. In a nutshell, we met through a mutual friend almost five years ago. We are quickly approaching the end of our first year married, life has been great!
In regards to why you rarely see him on my stories, he works a full time job and I spend my time on IG when he’s gone. When he’s home, I like to designate that to be our time together… but I will work on getting him to show more face on the gram!

Q: Confidence: What was the turning point to being so confident? Any tips on how to be confident?

A: My best advice is to realize self love and confidence is a JOURNEY, NOT a destination. I truly thought I was going to wake up one day and be confident and done trying. Once I shifted my perspective, I’ve realized it’s okay to have good days and bad.

Q: Denim Shorts: Favorite size inclusive high waisted jean shorts?

A: I LOVE that so many of you are pumped up to wear shorts this season! If you’re new around here, I have only started wearing shorts so I’m still learning the best for curvy bodies, but here are a few I’ve found and want to try this season.

Q: Fashion: Where to splurge vs. when to save? Favorite reasonable store? Favorite shoes? Favorite handbag?

A: GREAT question. Splurge on things you will re-wear over and over. I like to think of investment pieces as staple pieces in your wardrobe. If you buy something for $100 and you KNOW you’ll wear it at least 10 times, you’re paying $10 per wear. That’s how I love to think about it. My favorite stores lately have been: Madewell, Nordstrom Clearance, LOFT and ASOS to name a few. My favorite purse right now is my Cuyana tote!

Five Favorites:

Sharing five of my favorite moments & accounts from the week that I’ve seen on social media.

So many of you have shown interest in the behind the scenes of what it takes to be a blogger / influencer. One of my business advisors, Julian Greene of Blogist just launched her podcast. Be sure to tune in and subscribe here!

My pal Rosa Barney launched her brand merchandise for @MeFirsttt this week, including a pre-order to get her Self Love Starter kit. Check it out here!

If you like Q+A’s, Erika Altes behind @whiskeyandlace does a completely unfiltered #WineWednesday each week on her stories. It’s beyond hilarious, she touches on motherhood, family life, wine, and SO much more of that real stuff that everyone appreciates.

@KCYouThere: follow her for all things wedding and event inspiration. Even if you’re already married, her feed is swoon worthy with events, home decor and fashion sprinkled throughout. Her dog Fifi is also adorable if you like little pups.

Sometimes the gram can make you feel blue, but I recently found @simply_madisonjade- a sassy 4 year old KILLING the IG game with her adorable self and personal style. Instant smile on my face!

In case you missed it, here were this week’s posts:

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One thing I don’t love about winter is dressing for it. 🥶🤷🏽‍♀️ As a size 14, I have often struggled with what to wear, sacrificing fashion for function. 🤦🏽‍♀️😫 I’ve recently fallen in love with coats (I have a closet full to prove it) and I just love how this one keeps me warm, but also allows a simple outfit to look chic! 🧥✨ Working on an outerwear #TryOnConfidential for you gals, but in the meantime what are your fav go-to coat brands?! Linked this entire outfit + a few other coat options via (link in bio) and #liketkit #LTKcurves #LTKstyletip #LTKunder100 #coats #anntaylor #cuyana #sizeinclusive

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