Try On Confidential - Episode 3: Elevated Basics

This week's Try On Confidential features everyday pieces that you should have in your wardrobe, items that are versatile and will last you. I don't always believe in investing in basics- but there are a few essential things that I have and wear year round. Through my years of buying and trying- I do believe in spending (not a ton) but a little more on basics. If you're wearing these items frequently, they should be built to last. The purpose of this series is to try new items to show you how they fit on my curvy size 14 body, but I also think it's important to pull pieces week to week to show you different ways to style them. After all, we're not always able to buy clothes every week! 

B Collection By Bobeau was kind enough to send me some cozy, elevated basics this week to feature but I also pulled items from my closet to show you how to style them and wear them. Everyone knows how to wear a sweatshirt and leggings, but I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone a little bit and style your casual wear. I've found it makes me feel more polished and confident. As always, the images below are shoppable- so you can click and shop directly from this site!

Bobeau Basics

Wardrobe Essentials