The Ultimate Girl Power Friday: Glamour Women Of The Year Summit

I had the privilege of attending Glamour Magazine's Women Of The Year Summit. This invitation-only full-day summit, created by the editors of Glamour put me in the room with the most amazing female trailblazers and newsmakers—the women breaking down barriers and making headlines all across the world.

The day was filled with compelling conversations, moving dialogue, action plans, and breakout sessions covering the issues that matter most to women, which is why I wanted to share the day with you all! The event took place at Brooklyn Museum for an epic day chock-full of inspiring, hilarious, thought-provoking, community-building content and awesome immersive experiences. 

It is my mission to inspire my audience! I want to support and show you all that I know about boss women. In case you missed my Snapchat (@caralynm) or Instagram Story (@CaralynMirand), here are my top five favorite moments from the day:

Cameron Russell Speaking Out About Sexual Harassment in the Modeling Industry.

Model, writer, and activist Cameron Russell gave an incredible speech about the sexual harassment experiences she's dealt with through the years. "At its best, modeling is a creative partnership," she says. But at its worst, the industry allows for opportunities where gatekeepers can abuse their power. "I didn't consent to any of this," she explains. "I think the correct word is tolerate...without tolerating these things, I couldn't have worked as a model."

Ashley Graham and Mattel presenting the first Hijab-Wearing Barbie for US Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad

Ashely was the perfect person to present this because she received her very own custom Barbie last year with NO thigh gap! As a young girl, Ibtihaj used to sew tiny hijabs onto her dolls. Now, she hopes this will inspire little girls across the country to embrace what makes themselves unique. "This is such a big moment for little girls everywhere," she says. 

Photo Credit: Craig Barritt - Getty Images for Glamour

Photo Credit: Craig Barritt - Getty Images for Glamour

SURPRISE GUEST Dr. Jill Biden and Joe Biden talking about finding purpose in work, relationships and each other.

These two surprised EVERYONE when they were announced by Glamour Editor-In-Chief Cynthia Leive. They discussed the former Vice President's new memoir about their late son, Beau that passed. The conversation flowed freely from everything to their relationship with the Obama's to sexual assault. Joe says that his father always told him, "The greatest sin a person can commit is the abuse of power." It's time to change the culture, he says. "Women hold up half the sky, and it's time this ends," he continues. "Don't let this slow up. This is the time to fundamentally change the culture of how women are treated in American society."

The Biden's also discussed their admirable relationship. "Everybody knows I love her more than she loves me," Joe jokes. They have built a marriage based on respect and kindness. Jill similtaniously made the audience go "aww" when she described that she was having a rough day, and she discovered a bouquet of yellow flowers in her car that Joe had left for her. "He knew how I was feeling," she says. "I thought that was so kind." #GOALS.

Photo Credit: Craig Barritt - Getty Images for Glamour

Photo Credit: Craig Barritt - Getty Images for Glamour

Lunch with DVF (casual)

At a power lunch hosted by PepsiCo, Ruchi Bhowmik, senior vice president of public policy and government affairs for North America at PepsiCo, introduced a conversation between artist and poet Cleo Wade and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. The women started the discussion by talking about beauty. "Beauty is perfect in it’s imperfection," Diane says. "If you have a big nose, that actually may be your biggest asset. It’s all about the character. When I work with models, I always tell them, 'Don’t be a model, be a woman. Just focus on being on the woman you want to be, and then own it.'"

Photo: Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images

Photo: Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images

Photo: Caralyn Mirand

Photo: Caralyn Mirand

Epic speech from Naomi Campbell about getting what you want

Model, actress, and activist Naomi Campbell gave an incredible monologue on how to stand up for yourself. "I always encourage people to ask for what you want," she says. "When you’re told no, you should ask for feedback so you can get better." She shared how she worked hard to get her first cover of French Vogue, after initially being told no. That experience then gave her the confidence to try for the American Vogue cover. For her, it was more than getting a cover. "Those pictures weren’t just victories for me," she says. "They were victories for women of color around the world."

Photo by Craig Barritt, Getty Images

Photo by Craig Barritt, Getty Images

Overall it was an incredible day that left me feeling so inspired and motivated to continue on with my own journey. I left the day with a huge smile on my face. In addition to an incredible swag bag, I felt that I was leaving with SO much stuff to think about.  There was so much girl power in one room- it left me wanting to join the women on that stage one day. 

Descriptions of the event credit to Glamour Magazine Blog.

To view the full schedule and streaming from the day, check it out here!
Major thank you to Glamour Magazine for the invitation, I hope to be included in this powerful day next year!

Let's Get Caught Up: Volume 2

This week on my Instagram Story, I asked what kinds of things you wanted to see on the blog and you all voted for me to write another "Let's Get Caught Up" post! I've been having so much fun with these Instagram Polls- it's been so interesting to see what you all have been thinking. More often than not, your answers are very surprising to me! They've been super helpful though when it comes to creating content that you want to see. The first "Let's Get Caught Up" did so well, so here we go again!

Some things I've been up to lately:

  • Joined a new gym! Every now and then I need to switch things up to keep myself motivated and excited about working out. I've found when things get monotonous, I put less effort in. The new gym I joined is offered to only women- which I have been loving!
  • Had the honor of joining my friend and fellow bride-to-be Kristin during her dress shopping journey. We didn't end up finding anything, but we had a fun day! We don't get to see each other often, so anytime we get together is a good time. It's been so fun to go through this wedding planning process with her.
  • Worked New York City's lingerie Market Week for one of my favorite clients! It's five days of meetings when companies / retailers come visit lingerie brands to see what new styles they want to buy for the coming year. My job as a model is to fit the bras perfectly and show the buyers how the garments fit on a real body! So basically it’s live modeling, standing in a board room in my undies. 😂👙  Sounds weird, but I've gotten used to it! 
  • Traveled to Miami for a three day work trip for another one of my clients! It was so nice to feel the sunshine and see palm trees- even though I was inside working most of the time. It really makes me excited for my Thanksgiving/birthday vacation down in Florida!
  • Lastly, I have been working on a REALLY exciting project for about six weeks now. I've had to keep it a secret, but I will finally be able to announce it on Monday! I cannot wait! Please stay tuned on my Instagram around midday for the special announcement. 😍  In the meantime, I'll be taking a little social media break over this weekend to focus on family time and to decompress. I'll be back on Monday with my special news!

Some things I'm loving lately:

  • I've been fully embracing the mule / slides trend this year - it's borderline addition status. That's why I was SO EXCITED to find a pair that were only $40! Check them here!
  • Ollie dog food- well, I haven't been enjoying it but my dog Walter sure has! It's wholesome, human-grade, and full of fruits and veggies—nothing artificial ever. It has customized portions based on your dog's activity level, age, and more. I am currently working on getting a special discount code from them for you! Stay tuned for that!  🐾 
  • Anyone looking for a digital camera, I just bought this Sony one and my life is changed forever! It's the best digital camera out there right now and it's SO easy to use. 
  • One of my all time favorite bloggers @MalloryErvin just posted her pregnancy announcement and it made me shed a lil tear- so stinking cute! 
  • SOUP! I love trying all different kinds of soups during the fall- sometimes to a fault (I'm bad at eating leftovers). However this Skinnytaste southwestern inspired soup is a winner! 

Sometimes it’s important for me to really relax, unwind and be away from social media. I often get so caught up in it and distracted that I need to make a conscious choice to take a break. What do you do to relax and unwind? I can't wait to read what you do in the comment section below!