Try On Confidential: Episode 10: Dog Halloween Costumes and Red Dress Boutique

This week I am bringing you a double dose of #TryOnConfidential because I just love ya so much! When I first started the series over two months ago, I knew I wanted to do a spoof of the series featuring my beloved Walter! What better way to incorporate my favorite pup than having him guest star… He is usually shopping for his fall vests around this time but he’s never dressed up for Halloween so I knew we had to incorporate this! Be sure to tune into my stories to see all of the cuteness overload! You can click the images below to shop them directly.


I also had a chance to connect with the ladies behind Red Dress Boutique. A few weeks ago, one of you suggested that I try it out and I was happy to do so! I was a little bit skeptical of their sizing because their sizing charts are not always accurate but I was pleasantly surprised to find some sweaters and dresses that I liked! Be sure to tune into my stories to see how these items fit! In most things, I was a size large but a couple items were one size. You can click the images below to shop them directly!


Are you loving this two part #TryOnConfidential? Are you thinking of trying or buying any of these items? Leave a comment below!

Try On Confidential - Episode 9: 50 Fall Essentials Under $50


This week on my stories, you voted that you’d rather see fall basics under $50 rather than coats and jackets. I am so glad that I asked because I was preparing to do only outerwear! You all help me so much, I so appreciate all of your feedback. At the end of the day, I want to bring you things that you actually WANT to see so keep the comments coming!

This week, I challenged myself to find 50 items under $50 that are perfect for transitioning through seasons. I ended up finding some of my favorite pieces that I’m wearing (above $50) in under $50 dupes! I’ve also sprinkled in some coats + jackets under $50 in here. I will be showcasing about ten+ of these items on my IG story, so be sure to tune into that! Can’t wait to hear what you find.

photos by Ryan Kell

Try On Confidential - Episode 5: ASOS


This week’s Try On Confidential is a reader’s choice: ASOS! I’m really excited about this one. Just so you know, I read every message and piece of feedback that you give me- it is very much appreciated! ASOS has been one of those brands that I’ve always admired from afar. I find myself scrolling through their website often and asking people “where’d ya get that?” with them replying “ASOS!” But I’ve never actually gone through with ordering from them… until this week!

They literally have something for everyone. ASOS is incredibly size inclusive for men + women (regular, petite, plus and tall). Their price range is pretty great too - you can find low to medium priced items. They offer clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty and gifting. Two thumbs up!

I reached out to ASOS and told them about my Try On Confidential series and they were kind enough to send me six items, which will be featured on my IG stories. I’ve been getting a few requests for accessories so I decided to try a few of those too! Here are my six picks + some other things I’m loving off of their site lately. All images are shoppable, you can click them and it’ll bring you directly to the site!

Have you ever shopped ASOS? Are you willing to now? Leave your comments below!
Photos by Ryan Kell

Activities in Buffalo You Must Do This Fall

Is it just me, or is fall one of the best seasons?! Thinking about the endless clothing options, the crisp fall air and outdoor activities are enough to put a smile on my face!  

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is go apple picking. It is one of my favorite memories as a kid and something that I continue to love to do as an adult! For me, it's less about the actual picking of apples and more about the experience of being there (and of course dressing for fall and throwing apples at each other). For four years now, Brian and I have been going with his brother, Brandon and his wife, Mallory. I recently bought a new camera that I hadn't had a chance to test out. I took this as the perfect opportunity to Hoping to get better as I learn more about it. Keep scrolling for the best picture I've taken so far. Spoiler: It's of a donut. 


Where we went:

Our favorite places to go is Becker Farms & Vizcarra Vineyards, perfect for adults and kids! We love stopping at the bar, indulging on hard cider and donuts before getting on the tractor, as the ride out to the apple orchard is hard to beat. Once you're out there, picture taking, collecting apples and OF COURSE throwing a few at each other is a must! ;)

Step Out Buffalo put a great list together of other orchards to check out! See them here.


Outfit inspo:

I have been really trying to push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to my style! So, when Brian and I decided to go apple picking last weekend I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do so! Pro tip: I've been searching clothing items on Pinterest for inspiration. For example, for this outfit I searched "blue gingham shirt outfits" and that's how I found inspiration to style this look. This outfit is perfect for apple picking because it's cute and comfortable! Usually, I'd wear boots but the ground wasn't muddy so I was able to get away with flats! 

Shop this look:

Other fall activities I look forward to:

  1. Decorating the inside and outside of my home with pumpkins, gourds and cornstalks
  2. Making soups and chili, two of my favorite recipes here and there
  3. Carving pumpkins and roasting the pumpkin seeds, recipe here
  4. Dressing Walter (our pup) up in his fall coats/ sweaters (shown below)
  5. Football Sunday's- Go Bills! 

What are your favorite fall activities? Leave them in the comments below!