Beauty Tips + Tricks: Try On Confidential


Instead of doing a full makeup routine, as seen here and here, not much has really changed- SO I’ve decided to share my top 6 tips + tricks for applying makeup to achieve this everyday glam. Be sure to tune into my IG stories (saved as a highlight) to see these tips in action.

Tips + Tricks:

  1. For covering blemishes: use a matte (no shine) concealer and then set it with a translucent powder so it stays covered all day long.

  2. Set the wet: whenever you are putting a liquid foundation or BB/CC cream on your face, you want to set it with a translucent powder. It can be pressed in a compact or loose. This helps it last all day long without moving! I always put extra powder in my T-zone (that’s where I get the oiliest).

  3. For applying bronzer: apply bronzer in a “3” shape formation on your forehead, below your cheekbones and jawline. You can also add some on the bridge of your nose. This creates a natural “sun-kissed” look. Lazy girl hack: you can also use bronzer/ blush as eyeshadow!

  4. For applying highlighter: I like this pressed powder, I go in with an angled brush and hit my high cheekbones. I also like to apply it underneath my eyebrow, the bridge of my nose and above my top lip. You can use your finger for those last areas. You can take the angled brush and hit your clavicles for an extra body glow!

  5. For a more subdued eyeliner look: apply a gel liner underneath the eyelashes (within the eyelid) for a defined eye. Bonus tip for applying mascara: start at the root and wiggle your wand side to side until you reach the end. This helps reduce the amount of product build up or “chunks.”

  6. For a subtle brow moment: use a brow gel in an upwards motion for a defined brow without looking too overdone. If you need to add more brow, use a brow pencil in light strokes to emulate the natural curve of your existing.

Hope this helps! If you happen to try any of these tips, be sure to tag me @CaralynMirand

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