Sun and Skin Essentials

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For Your Face

1. This is my all time favorite serum for giving my face a little glow. My face is typically a little paler than the rest of my body, I was always told “it’s easy to add bronzer, harder to remove wrinkles” so I ALWAYS lather up the SPF on my face. You can mix this serum with your moisturizer or primer to give your face an instant glow, I’m on my fourth bottle- I LOVE this stuff.

2. ALL HAIL this holy CC Cream, it is 100% my ABSOLUTE must-have product while I am in the sun. It is SPF 50 with full coverage color that lasts all day long. I cannot survive a beach day without this stuff. I found it at a great price here that comes with a brush or you can buy it individually here. I wear shade medium.

3. I have been using this bronzer/highlight duo for close to a year now and I literally get stopped in the street and asked what I use! It is THAT good, lasts FORVER and truly worth every penny. I like how the bronzer is not too dark so it works on most lighter skin tones.

4. Don’t forget about SPF for your lips! It took me awhile to find a good lip balm with high SPF AND color. This one is a for sure winner, comes in a few different shades too.

5. You’re probably wondering, “Why is there a mascara on this list?” Well, have you ever been to the beach and end up with the dreaded raccoon eyes? This formula is built to last and is tubular, so it comes off in tubes and NEVER leaves a black residue. PERFECT for spending the day in the water.

6. After many of you suggested this moisturizer, I decided to try it out. It is really important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized when you are in the sun. I’ve been really impressed with how hydrating this stuff is WITHOUT being greasy/shiny. Two thumbs up.

7. Okay, this is embarrassing but I’ve literally had this palette for 4 years now… it’s probably time for a new one but I use it every day. I love the range of colors, it really gives me options for year round bronzing even when I am paler.

8. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly moisturizer, I love this hydrating primer/moisturizer with a little shimmer. It works really well underneath makeup or by itself.

For Your Body

9. THIS is hands down, my favorite sunscreen IN THE WORLD. I will never use any other sunscreen again. It takes a little getting used to (it is very thick, you have you really rub it in) but I’ve NEVER burnt since using it. It is also reef friendly so that is a win! This one is a little easier to rub in and is great if you do have a little sunburn because it is super hydrating.

10. As I’ve said, it’s really important to keep your skin hydrated when you’re spending time in the sun- especially if you want to prevent peeling and keep you tan in tact. I love a thick (yet light) moisturizer like this one. I apply it after my shower to make sure my skin is happy.

11. After applying SPF, I like to layer this on top to encourage more browning. Make sure you do not apply this day 1, you want to make sure you have a little base tan because this has zero SPF in it. It really does help with becoming more tan, I love this stuff.

12. If you’ve got no time for a vacation but you’re looking for a little glow, this is a new favorite. Apply it to your entire body for a nice and natural looking glow that doesn’t transfer once dried. It showers off so you can try it with low commitments.

13. My tried and true, I LOVE this stuff. This is essentially like foundation / full coverage color for your body. Once dried, it does not transfer onto clothing but it does wash off in the shower (and out of clothes just in case you get it on there). I have all of the shades but I typically use Latte Light.

14. If you’re looking for an at home tan, this stuff is for you. Don’t forget to follow my fool-proof steps featured on this blog post for flawless application. It’s really easy to apply, especially with the mitt and you can shower two hours after applying! I like to live life on the edge and keep it on longer.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.