Try On Confidential: Size Inclusive Denim

Happiest of Friday’s to you, my friends! It has been quite a week but I’m excited to bring you all things denim. On today’s episode of Try On Confidential, I’ve decided to round up my favorite denim brands and share some of my favorite styles from each brand. In spirit of always keeping things fresh, I’m having you vote on my IG stories on whether or not you think each pair is around $50 or higher around $100. You will see (high) or (low) next to each pair. Let’s get to it!
As always, you can click on the images and shop the denim directly.

Pair #1: Abercrombie (Low)

Pair Worn: High Waisted Mom Jean, Size 32
Size Range: 24-32 short, regular and long

Hear me out here, I know it’s not a brand you may expect but they have really stepped up their game. Nothing has logos anymore and their fit and quality is great for the price. You can usually get each pair around $44 when there is a sale. The mom jeans have ZERO stretch (just FYI) but they hold you in really well. If you’re looking for stretch I’d recommend the Jeggings or My favorite styles: High Waisted Mom Jean. High Waisted Jeggging, Simone High Rise Slim, Simone High Rise Ankle

Pair #2: Madewell (High)

Pair Worn: 9” High-Rise Skinny Jeans in ISKO Stay Black
Size Range: 23 - up to 37 in some styles in petite, regular, tall, taller
I wear mostly size 31, I own some size 32

Madewell jeans have become a closet staple in my wardrobe in 2018. I’m really impressed by the quality, fit and comfort of these. Their denim has a bit of stretch that will conform to your body so if you are in between sizes, size down. I wear both 31 and 32 comfortably, the 32’s definitely stretch out more in the leg on me. I’ve only ever tried their 9” and 10” high rise skinny’s but I own them in no fade black, black ripped, medium wash and medium wash ripped. My Favorites: 10” High-Rise Skinny, 9” High-Rise Skinny

Pair #3: Good American (High)

Pair worn: Good Legs, Size 32/14 Blue004
Size Range: 00-24 regular, short, long

As a Khloe fan, I could not WAIT to try these out. I love the wash on these, they have a good amount of stretch and hold. I almost wish I could’ve sized down in these, for these have a little bit of a gap on me. They don’t really hold me in like I like my jeans to, but they are worth a try if you have the budget for them. At just over $100 per pair, they are pricey so I’d recommend ordering a few pairs to find your perfect fit. They also have a 25% off sale happening right now so snag a pair or two! Side note, I actually have a Good American white denim skirt that is my absolute FAV!

Pair #4: American Eagle (Low)

Pair Worn: Super Stretch Jegging, Size 12
Size Range: 00 - 20

I received a TON of suggestions from you to try these jeans and to be honest, I’m not IN LOVE. Don’t get me wrong, they are GOOD but warning: they run LARGE. I really prefer a high rise denim and these are more of a mid rise, but I love the wash. One thing I really dislike about AE jeans is the signature embroidery on the butt, I think it’s super unflattering on me. That’s why I prefer the black denim because the logo is barely noticeable. These are definitely worth a try especially since they are almost always on sale for around $45.

Pair #5: Jen 7 Jeans (High)

Pair Worn: White Straight Leg Crop, size 14
Size Range: 0-14, some styles 18 ankle, regular, tall

I’ve been talking about Jen 7 Jeans for awhile now, they are one of my favorites brands to try new things. I’ve tried embroidered denim, coated denim and velvet denim from them in 2018. They’re always offering something new and exciting which keeps my denim game on point. I was shocked when I fell in love with a pair of straight leg denim- in white nonetheless!! They are excellent quality but have a tendency to run big so I’d recommend sizing down in this brand. Keep an eye out for them on Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc. as they tend to go on sale after some time!

Pair #6: Mott & Bow (High)

Pair Worn: High Rise Skinny Jane, Size 31
Size Range: 24-32, up to 40 in some, short and regular inseam

This is a newer brand to my closet that I’ve found last year and I’m in love with the wash and just enough stretch! They recently extended their sizing to become more size inclusive and I really love the one pair that I own. The pair I own is definitely one of my favorite dark skinny pairs that I own, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this roundup and if you’ve tried or are thinking of trying any of these pairs! Feel free to send me a DM or email! Thanks for tuning in! xx


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