Easy Meals + Recipe Inspiration

At the start of the year, I’ve decided to share more wellness topics with you. Wellness can mean so many things, from working out, to getting organized, to meditation, to the foods we put in our body! I am definitely no expert on any of these topics, but I’ve learned they are all important to focus on for finding that balance for a healthy lifestyle. Finding that balance is a journey, definitely not a destination, in my opinion. It doesn’t hurt that I LOVE food… so I’m excited to be sharing this with you.

More recently, I’ve been sharing lots of recipes on my IG like this 2 ingredient pizza dough recipe and you have been LOVING it. I’m no chef or culinary guru whatsoever but I do know how to follow a recipe. I’m a firm believer that variety is the spice of life, because of this I rarely eat the same thing every day because I get bored. I’m a big snacker, during the day I like to keep it simple and easy. But if I HAD to narrow in on what I typically eat in a day, it would be a combination of these:

I like to track my meals via an app on my phone, it helps me be more mindful. For dinner, I often feel much more inspired especially since Brian is usually home for dinner. Here are a few of my favorite recipes and food bloggers’ IG accounts who give me inspiration daily!

What are your go-to recipes? I’d love to know and add them to my rotation. Also, are you liking this food content? Leave a comment if you think I should share more!