Wedding Shape Wear: You'll Never Guess What's Underneath The Dress

One of the biggest struggles I faced during my wedding planning process was figuring out my undergarments. Prior to the wedding, my husband innocently asked me what I was planning on wearing underneath, little did he know the journey it took to find functional underwear. At the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel amazing in their wedding dress- whether that means wearing a blue thong, a garter, shape wear, etc. For me, I needed to feel supported. 

When I had selected my dress last August, I knew the sample size was too small in the store (it was a size 8). However, I never could have imagined the issues I'd face with my dress even at a larger size. Stay tuned for the creative solutions I used and some helpful suggestions for your wedding undergarments!

Let's flashback to saying "yes to the dress."

August 2017 - the day i said "yes!" I am wearing a sample size 8, i purchased a size 16

August 2017 - the day i said "yes!" I am wearing a sample size 8, i purchased a size 16

When I slipped (err- squeezed) into this dress, I knew it was the one. It didn't bother me that it was too small, most samples in bridal salons won't fit your body perfectly. I knew the dress wasn't going to be as tight when I ordered my correct size but I didn't realize that my undergarments were going to be as tricky as they were. 

The fabric of this Martina Liana Style #685 is a Bellagio Crepe. It is a beautiful fabric but it is incredibly unforgiving and delicate. You can literally see every lump and line underneath it. The fabric is also really stretchy yet fragile, so I had to be careful during fittings that I wouldn't stretch or snag it. I wish I was more aware of this before purchasing, even thought it probably would not have changed my decision. 

I originally bought these styles. Let me preface this by saying I used to buy discount shape wear at TJ Maxx/ Marshalls but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compares to actual Spanx brand. This is not sponsored whatsoever, by the way - I paid for everything. Spanx has three levels of support, I opted for the highest one. It never goes on sale, so if you're thinking about it- just do it. Just make sure you order through a retailer (like the ones I've linked) that offer free returns! 

The issue with these styles is that it was creating a "muffin top" effect at the top. When I walked, you could see the bottom seam line on my thighs. Undergarments like these aren't meant to be seen, sizing up wouldn't have given me the same support... Just was I was about to lose hope, I found these:

I ordered these catsuits in a size large (my typical size) and medium. I was extremely skeptical but they were truly incredible. The bodysuit is very lightweight and breathable yet supportive, I opted for the smaller size for that extra "held in" feeling. It also has a panel to use the restroom- luckily I only had to use it once and it was a success (TMI, sorry)! My only issue was that it was cut too high in the back, so my seamstress ended up tailoring the Spanx down to the back of the dress. She sewed in a hook and eye closure on the straps to make sure it didn't move, we also used this fashion tape along the straps for an extra hold. 


Due to the finicky fabric, I was unable to sew in any cups to the dress because you could clearly see the outline of it. The catsuit gave me a lift underneath my bust, since it came up so high but I wanted something to cover my nipples for modesty. Turns out, old fashion fabric bandaids did the trick! Bandaids were the only thing I could find that didn't show through, nipple covers were too thick. I also used Megababe Bust Dust to fight boob sweat that day and it worked like a charm! 


My last obstacle was that you could see my belly button outline, even through the Spanx. Through my research, I found that there were a lot of women who struggled with this issue, regardless of their size. The dress clung to my curves (which I loved) but I didn't want to see my belly button. I ended up testing out a bunch of different options: duct tape, medical tape, clear packing tape but ended up discovering that stuffing my belly button with a cotton ball and an extra large bandaid was the best solution for me. So glamorous, right?!  

Would you have ever imagined? Moral of the story, anything is possible when you are willing to be creative in your solutions! Would I have done it all again? Absolutely. 

If you need any suggestions on shape wear, feel free to leave a comment, email or DM me!