Finding Your Perfect Swimsuit (and the Confidence To Rock it)

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of flying out to the SwimSpot Headquarters in Tustin, California to shoot their Fit Specialist campaign. They recognize that swimsuit shopping and finding the right bathing suit for your body type can be tricky. I can't even tell you how many fitting room try-on's ended in tears because I couldn't find a suit that flattered me and made me feel good!  SwimSpot created the Fit Specialist tool to help you find your best fit for your body shape from the comfort of your own home! I am beyond excited and proud to be their "Curvy Bust and Hips" Fit Specialist. You know I am all about size inclusiveness and being able to find items for all shapes and sizes, so you're in good hands with the 12 different swimsuit brands at SwimSpot.  If you're like me with a curvy bust and hips, you can see how the suits fit! But if you're not shaped like me, they have five different body types to show you how the suits will fit. How cool is that? 


While we're on the topic, I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss my swim body journey because three short years ago, I was wearing very full coverage swimwear to hide my stomach and thighs. I wish I had some big epiphany but in reality, my confidence to rock bikinis and sexy one pieces has grown slightly and gradually over time. I started with I like to call a gateway suit- a high waisted bikini. From there, I slowly became more comfortable with showing the teeniest bit of stomach which gave me some pretty interesting tan lines... I then decided I deserved to have the same color stomach as the rest of me, which lead me to a mid rise bikini (falling just below my belly button). Since we're being honest here, this green Sports Illustrated swimsuit was a little bit out of my comfort zone- for I've never worn such a revealing or high cut suit! However, I really love the way it accentuates my hourglass shape. Definitely bringing it along with me on my honeymoon!

My greatest piece of advice is that body confidence, self love, whatever you'd like to call it- is a journey, not a destination. Challenge yourself to trying something new by accentuating your favorite assets and trying out a new silhouette. Please leave a comment below here or on my IG post if you'd be willing to try something new! I love hearing stories on how you've found your confidence to wear or try different things. I've linked some of my favorite SwimSpot suits below if you'd like to shop them or you can shop based on your body type through their Fit Specialist page here!


I had the pleasure of shooting these looks down in Miami, Florida with Heather Houston Photography. Be sure to follow her on Instagram! Thank you to SwimSpot for collaborating with me on this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.