Gifts For The Newly Engaged + Newlyweds

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It’s a magical time of year but it can be difficult to come up with personalized gift ideas for your loved ones in different phases of life! I’ve put together of items I’ve been loving as a newlywed and ones I appreciated when I got engaged. Be sure to tune into my IG stories to see more details on the products below!

  1. These Mr. + Mrs. mugs are an elegant gift that are used very frequently in our house. I love being able to sip coffee on a Saturday morning with my Mr. and his appropriate mug. :)

  2. I carried this cup around with me all of the time while I was engaged. Heck, I still love to use it! I love how discrete and chic it is too- not being too over the top.

  3. These bags are EVERYTHING. I love pouches because I often carry tote bags without closures. These make it easy to gift with multiple color options and the option to monogram new initials or a name on there.

  4. This thing is AMAZING for cleaning rings, jewelry and glasses! I was super skeptical about it but a friend recommended it an I am a true believer.

  5. The little less bulky, on the go version of #4, I haven’t personally used this but many friends who have and recommend. This gift also makes a great stocking stuffer!

  6. For the gal on the go, these pouches are perfect ring holders and a cute way to celebrate the new initials!

  7. One of the best gifts I ever received. My bestie gave me a double picture frame, complete with one side of us on her wedding day, to later be filled in with a picture of us on my wedding day…. all the feels!!

  8. What better way to celebrate a couple joining forces than with some new stationary? I think it’s adorable when couples send “thank you notes” with their custom note cards or grocery lists on paper that says their names.

  9. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it actually isn’t! Most people overlook the ornament as a gift because they think other people may buy it for them. Consider this unique ornament because it’s customizable! You can put a photo of the couple or a photo of you + your friend! These also make great parent gifts

  10. You’ve heard me talk about HitchSwitch in a recent blog post and I am SO glad I did it. This would make a perfect gift to anyone changing their name for their upcoming nuptials- even better, use CARALYN for a discount off of your desired package.

  11. My sister-in-law bought us a similar stamp when we got engaged + it was the BEST for sending out shower invites + thank you notes. Highly recommend!

  12. I brought this camera along to my bachelorette party trip and honeymoon! They make THE BEST souvenirs and they’re really fun to have, especially when you’re unplugged from your cell phone!

  13. For Your Party just started making these incredible gift sets! These sets would be awesome for a couple who are settling into a new home and double as awesome hostess gifts.

  14. When you need just a little somethin, somethin! I love this match set from Skeem - to help keep that love on fire! ;)

  15. Lastly, I couldn’t leave out these sets from For Your Party! They have all sorts of customizable products to suit your engagement, wedding, shower needs!

Happy shopping! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

a photo from our engagement shoot by    Colin Gordon Photography

a photo from our engagement shoot by Colin Gordon Photography