7 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner

7 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner

If you're anything like me, the initial engagement jitters quickly wore off and turned into panic. I like to think of myself as a "big picture" person, not excelling at the little details. How am I supposed to plan the most epic day of my life? Where do I start? How do I turn my multiple Pinterest boards into reality? Cue the role of a wedding planner & designer.

I've teamed up with Karina from KC You There and her team, for my wedding planning process and I wouldn't have it any other way. Their detailed, head-on approach gives me an incredible sense of ease. Karina is helping me in all aspects related to design for the wedding. This includes color scheme and all aesthetics like save the dates, our wedding website, invitations, tablescapes and everything in between. These are all things that I sincerely appreciate - yet do not excel at creating them.  As soon as I signed on with Karina, this big beast of an event seemed like an easy, doable task.

That's why I've created a list on reasons why you too should consider hiring a wedding planner and/or designer for your big day.

  1. Their priority & focus is executing your vision. Many wedding venues churn out multiple weddings per weekend and can easily lose focus on the individuals getting married. The wedding designer/ planner will fight for you and even advocate for you for your vendors. They're there to make sure that this is YOUR wedding, personalized to your expectations and vision.
  2. They are detail oriented and will help with the minor details of major things. If they're not, they probably should consider another industry... For example, nothing intimidates me more than our save the dates. Those bad boys are ideally going to be hanging on peoples' fridges for months. This includes dealing with fonts, colors, verbiage... things that are important but overwhelming when there are thousands of combinations. KC You There handles all of that, presents me with several of their best options, while I have the final ok. One thing we've especially loved is the custom master doc they created for Brian and I to stay incredibly organized and budget conscious! We're able to keep track of everything like vendor contacts, payment due dates, guest list and even music selections!
  3. They are expert problem solvers and brainstormers. Luckily, we've only had minor bumps along the journey so far but Karina is constantly coming up with solutions to any problem that may come our way. Having someone like this on your behalf is incredibly comforting, knowing that no matter what happens - it will be ok!
  4. They allow you to have a life outside of planning a wedding. After the initial excitement of being engaged wore off, Brian and I often bickered about the little details involving the planning process. It can easily consume you. Ever since we hired KC You There, we've been able to enjoy being an engaged couple and not stress the little stuff because we know they've got it covered.
  5. Wedding designers/planners can be more cost effective in the long run. They plan and design weddings for a living. This is their passion and their livelihood. From start to finish, they can help you stay within your budget. They know where you need to spend and where you need to save, or how you can cut corners without sacrificing results. After all, Pinterest ideas can turn into costly DIYs!       
  6. They're a non-biased second opinion that will be upfront with you. One of my favorite things about Karina is that she's not afraid to tell me her opinion. She's not afraid or tiptoeing around my feelings either, whereas a family member would be less likely to. I'd rather know if my ideas are completely irrational or not!
  7. Above all, it is peace of mind. Wedding planning should be ENJOYABLE, not stressful. Although its inevitable that there may be stressful moments, having a wedding planner will ease your mind knowing that in the end, you'll have a team to take on the work while you enjoy every moment of that day (or weekend)!

Have you ever considered hiring a wedding planner and/or designer? I'd love to hear from you about your experience.