Welcome to CaralynMirand.com!

I’ve decided to re-launch my website under my own name because who I am and what I do has truly evolved within the past two years. I have slightly outgrown “Buffalo Beautiful” and my focus has shifted onto other things, in and out of Buffalo. I’m incredibly excited to share CaralynMirand.com with you, here’s what to expect:

  • A more “behind the scenes” approach to my life as a model

  • Beauty hacks, tips and tricks that I have learned

  • My style journey beyond just clothes, inspirational things too!

  • A glimpse into my social media consultations, clients and brand partnerships

  • My family/ home life, recipes I love and traditions we share

  • My wedding journey! Especially excited to share this one with you!

  • More than occasional appearances of my rescue dog, Walter

I can't wait to go on this new journey with you! 

As always, I LOVE hearing your feedback! I am incredibly grateful to have built a social media presence with such engaging and supportive people! I will be counting on you throughout this journey to hear what you like and more of what you’d like to see. Here’s to the start of something special!