The Clock Is Ticking! Gift Guide For The Last Minute Shopper

It's the final countdown! *cue that song- you know which one I'm talking about! We're getting close, everybody! Earlier this week, I posted an Instagram Poll and I was pleasantly surprised to see how many last minute shoppers there are! I have to hand it to you, I have a lot of respect for the last minute shopper! I have too many control issues to shop this late... However, I've secretly always wanted to be a late shopper, maybe next year! Nonetheless, I'd like to present you with my first EVER roundup for last minute shopping! 

I've rounded up a list of my favorite online stores and their delivery dates. As always, the fonts in bold and images are clickable so you can shop them directly from my site! If you're looking for some great last minute gifts, look no further than Amazon & Nordstrom!



When in doubt, give a gift card! But a cool one! 

I've rounded up my absolute FAVORITE, not-so-typical options for a gift cards, click the rectangular button to direct you to the link! All links will give you the option to print it or email it.

What it is: Rent designer pieces, they have something for everyone. Filter dresses, clothing and accessories by date, size, occasion and more. Bonus: they typically send you two sizes, just in case to assure it will fit! Their customer service is also phenomenal! 

Why they'll love it: They'll be able to rent designer clothing for any event from casual everyday wear to formal black tie. They'll get 100,000s of options at their fingertips. Give the gift of trying new things, having more fun and going for it.

What it is: credit towards the famous ride sharing app! 

Why they'll love it: they'll be able to use it for all of their transportation needs! 

That wraps up my gift guide for the last minute shopper! I hope this helps speed up your last minute shopping so you can get to spending more time with loved ones & indulging!